You are More Vulnerable to attack with Internet Explorer

I never use Internet Explorer. I have it in my PC but I never use it. The reason why i never use it is because it is very slow. Aside from that I also know that I will be more vulnerable to attacks if I use this browser, IE is not really secure. I wonder why many people are still using it. Microsoft lately has acknowledged the fact that Internet Explorer 8, like IE 5, IE6, and IE7, is vulnerable to attacks. Read their advisory here.

Microsoft recommends that users use Protected Mode in IE7 or IE8 and enable firewall and anti-virus software to minimize risk. I recommend using Firefox or Chrome , they are many times faster than IE and many time better in many ways.


  1. oh, i am one of those who are really slow in shifting πŸ™ i still use IE and Safari.

    I always tell myself to download firefox or Chrome tomorrow, but the tomorrow never came πŸ™

    now, reading your post, i again am reminded to do it soon!!! thanks!

  2. Make the shift now Betchai, get Chorme or Firefox or both. It takes just a minute to download either of the two ansd another two minutes to install. I am really wondering why so many people are still using IE. Probably because it is the default browser of their OS?

  3. hhmm.. i never really liked IE even b4 pa… hahaha.. firefox tlga gamit ko… nakumbinsi ko na sisters ko to use it nga eh hahaha… and they agreed on me, firefox is way much better than IE…

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  5. Hi, Kabayan!

    You know I totally agree with you that IE is slower and more vulnerable to virus attacks. I’ve noticed that throughout the years that I had been using it and saw the difference when I changed to Firefox. But other people said it’s the other way.

    Congratz on your very impressive blog. God bless…

  6. Since I discovered Firefox, I never use again Internet Explorer. I like Firefox for its add ons and its really much faster and secure

    Nice blog, very informative. I enjoy reading your post πŸ˜€

  7. thanks pastilan, sadly, i am really going slow, now, i should really do it!!! and i will let you know then my observation.

    yes, you’re right, it is the default browser of my system, and too lazy or too ignorant to change πŸ™

  8. @Susan Thanks for appreciating my blog πŸ™‚ Those who say that IE is faster than Firefox are wrong. The years of using IE (before) and Firefox (now and for the many years to come) on different machines told me IE is really slower than Firefox. And it’s not only about speed. With Firefox I can do many things that are quite impractical with IE.

    @Vlad Same her πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

    @Betchai no, ignorant? no, you’re not, probably too lazy to change browser πŸ™‚

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