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When I first started out in the world of blogging two years ago, I did not have any idea about the inner workings of self-hosted blogs. All I knew then was that I could use free hosting with my blogs; I thought that it was all I need to succeed in blogging. But as I learned many things about blogging, I realized how important it is to have one’s blogs self-hosted. So I did some research about the best and the most affordable webhosting companies. The seach engine led me to WebHostingGeeks.com, a site that provides independent reviews of the best web hosting providers. They have a list of the top ten best web hosting providers in the world which are ranked according to best price-value ratio, host reliability, uptime, key features, bonus features, customer support, past and current user feedbacks, user-friendliness and hosting awards. From their list I was able to to pick the web hosting company that now house 8 of my blogs. I am very satisfied with the hosting and am planning to renew my package from that web hosting company. Without WebHostingGeeks.com, I wouldn’t have selected a good hosting company for my blogs. If you are now looking for a web hosting company, I advice you to check out Web Hosting Geeks and consult their list, they will make your search for the best web hosting company easier. ¬†Aside from their top ten list, they also have a blog where you can glean a lot of knowledge about self-hosting your blogs. If you would like to venture in an online business, you will find the tips in their e-commerce section useful. Check out Web Hosting Geeks now and get your piece of the world wide web.

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