Transformers 2 Hits Big with Online Ticket Sales

Fandango, the online ticket vendor, is now having a big time ticket sales because of the movie Transformers 2. The movie came out yesterday and here’s what Fandango COO Rick Butler says about it:

“The film’s success proves that fans are ready for the summer and looking for an escape. Moviegoers should certainly buy their tickets in advance before heading to the theater. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen may end up enjoying one of the top-selling opening weekdays in the history of our company.”

Fandango has released some very surprising stats:

– Last night Fandango sold out more than 2,000 midnight and late night/early morning showtimes nationwide. (Keep in mind, this is Fandango-only for one late-night showtime)

– Fandango has been selling more than 8 Transformers tickets per second during peak periods, prior to opening day. That number could rise today.

– Transformers 2 currently represents 94% of all ticket sales on Fandango (as of 9:00 am PT today).

– Transformers 2 now ranks as Fandango’s biggest pre-sales title of the year to date.

– Transformers 2 is selling twice as many tickets as Iron Man sold on Fandango at the same point in that film’s sales cycle.

– Midnight showtimes of Transformers 2 were sold out across the country, from Abingdon, Maryland to Yuba City, CA. One theater in Las Vegas sold out as many as ten midnight showtimes.

– Theater owners are continually adding new showtimes throughout the day to accommodate the fan demand.

[via WebProNews]

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