Techno Techniques Got PR 3 in Google’s Latest PR Update

The last day of 2008 has brought good news to me, I found out that this blog, TechnoTechniques.com, is now PR3. I am very happy of course because this is my main blog.

My other blog, MyFreedomWall.blogspot.com retained its PR3.

My other blogs also performed good even if I failed to keep an eye on them like the way I did with this blog and MyFreedomWall.

My OnlineMoneyMatters.net is now PR1. Woohooo!!! there are only two posts in there. But long and useful posts, they are.

I am also happy for my wife, her Wow-Legs.blogspot.com blog is now PR3, it has improved from its PR2.

Her other blog, Pinay-Chicken-Heart.com, is now PR1.

Her other blog, Cheesy-Cake.blogspot.com is now PR2.

I am also happy for some of my friends’ blogs. TheLadyProgrammer.com got PR3,

TheSingleParentTalks.com is now PR2, an improvement from PR1.

Pchi’s OpinionPinoy.Blogspot.com retained its PR3.

Calvinshub.com and PinoyWebSurfer.com both has PR3.

I am not totally happy because Berry’s blog did not get the rank. I wonder why, her blog is very good, it deserves to be ranked. I learned a lot from her blog when I was just starting out.

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