Spyware Could Send You to Prison

A not so tech-savvy 41-year-old former substitute teacher was convicted of four felony counts of endangering minors last year because she failed to stop pop-up images from appearing in her classroom computer. According to the procecutors the substitute teacher exposed her students to pornography and failed “to shield them from the pop-up images after they appeared on her classroom computer”. The substitute teacher, Julie Amero, was four months pregnant at that time and has just learned how to e-mail and she is hardly your typical porn surfer. Those pop-up images that caused her conviction were mostly spyware that are not that easy to control or stop especially if you are not that good at using the computer. I think she was wrongly judged. Alex Eckelberry, the CEO of Sunbelt Software, also thinks that the conviction was not just, so he contacted Amero and helped her turn around the case and get the guilty verdict overturned later. This is a sad story of a not so tech-savvy teacher who became the victim of the bad that technology could sometimes bring. For the more detailed story, you can read it here.


  1. The story is not at all encouraging for those rather new to the world of Internet. I just fail to understand why don’t authorities enforce a robust security software?

  2. @Leon sometimes prosecutors are dumb

    @Nilz there is no robust security software as far as malware and virus is concerned. Those who make malware always manage to be one step ahead of those who make security software. It is like terrorism, the terrorists always manage to sneak in a bomb no matter how “robust” the security is 🙂

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