Something’s Wrong with my ISP

There is something wrong with my ISP, I could not access the internet except those pages that are under Google like the Google search engine, Blogger, and my Google Apps. Other pages do not load. So I could not check my Hotmail email, PPP, Social Spark, and all those money makers 🙁

I have checked around and it is not only me who is experiencing this, other people in my area are also having this problem. Same here in the office, only everything Google is accessible, others are not. I hope this problem would be resolved soon by my ISP.


  1. Mukhang PLDT talaga dito sa amin ang may sira. Bilis mag load kung Google at Blogspot at kahit anong page na under sa Google, kung ibang page ang puntahan mo di na maka load. Sa buong block namin ganun ang reklamo.

  2. Bro malamang nga sa ISP provider mo ang may problema nyan.

    Bro musta na eon cyber account mo, stable naba ang withdraw mo ng pera? takot ksi ako mag withdraw baka kasi magka trouble hihi, sayang nman diba.

  3. yup sa ISP yan. a couple of nights ago yung PLDT DSL cannot access google, yahoo, facebook, etc. pero it can access other sites like tipidpc. turns out marami doon nagreport ng same issue. luckily naayos din after 15 minutes.

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