Run Downloads in Firefox Instead of Saving Them

One of the things that has always bugged me about Firefox is that when you go to download a file it will only let you save it to your computer. Some other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, also give you an option to “run” the file. The difference is that a file you run is downloaded and stored in a temporary folder that is periodically emptied by the operating system as opposed to being placed in a directory of your choosing.

It’s nice being able to run a file immediately because as soon as it is done downloading I know that it will be opened in the default application. Often times I only want to use a file just once, and so I don’t really need it cluttering up one of my other folders.

If you feel the same way as me you’ll want to checkout the OpenDownload extension for Firefox. All it does is add a Run option to the dialog that appears when you go to download a file (as seen in the screenshot above). Who would have thought that something so simple could make me so darn happy!

Note: This does work fine in Firefox 3 even though it is not shown to be compatible.


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