Presdo: Yet another online scheduling app


Is it just us, or has there been an explosion of online scheduling services over the past few weeks? First there were Jiffle, Tungle, and When is Good. And now there’s Presdo. Like the other services, Presdo makes it easy to schedule meeting with one or more people. You send out a request, and other users can reply with the times that work best for them. But there are a few things that set Presdo apart.

First, it uses natural language recognition to help schedule your meetings. The home page isn’t filled with a bunch of boxes to fill out. Instead, you have one search box, into which you can type “lunch with Bob,” or “dinner with Joan.” On the next page, Presdo will make an educated guess as to the best time for your event. If you enter something vague like “take over the world with Pinky,” it’ll probably just use the default “tomorrow at 10am.” But it does a pretty good time of picking the proper times for meals.

You can also use Presdo to help find a place for your meeting. If you entered “Coffee with Mike,” Presdo will let you pull up a window to search for coffee shops with Google Maps. When you send out your invitation, recipients can either accept or offer their own suggested times.


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  1. Presdo makes in easy to schedule meetings? Oh please. ScheduleOnce is the only application I saw so far that makes it easy. The others aren’t good enough.

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