My Other Blog is Now PR3

I was quite surprised to know that my other blog, My Freedom Wall, has now a PageRank of 3. I am happy to know this but I would be happier if this blog, which is still PR0 will have a pagerank too. My Freedom Wall is the repository of my rant, raves, and ramblings. I really do not focus on it much because I am so engrossed with this very blog that you are looking at now. My Freedom Wall is about four months old and has only 29 posts and 48 Google indexed pages. I seldom get the chance to post in it.

I also checked the PR of my wife’s blog, Pinay Chicken Heart, her blog has now a PageRank of 2. I am very happy for her.


  1. Meron akong nakitang blog kanina kargado ng PPP at SS, halos every other post is paid pero PR3 sya waaaaaaah! Marami rin syang PPP Smorty at Srev na widget peor PR3 syaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! siguro pinainom nya si Google

  2. Siguro nakalagay lahat ng address ng mga blogs at site sa isang malaking dart doard tapos sabay sabay lahat ng empleyado ng Google maghagis ng darts sa board, lahat sila blind-folded. Yung mga address na tatamaan ng dart yun ang bigyan ng PR. Bawat dart may iba-ibang number, from 1010. Kung ano number ng dart na tatama sa isang address yun ang PR nya nye he he he he he 😛

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