Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2 Featured on TV

This video clip was aired on October 29, 2008 over ABS-CBN’s Regional network’s morning program, “Magandang Umaga Socsksargen” hosted by DJ Joey C and Ms. GenSan 2006 Rhean Hazel Hacosta. I was also told by those who saw it that part of the clip was aired on ABS-CBN’s prime time news program, TV Patrol. Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2 is the grand eyeball of bloggers based in Mindanao (Philippines). Its main purpose is to give the world a better view of Mindanao. We all know that at present the media is painting a somewhat inaccurate image of this part of the Philippines by sensationalizing the “war” that is happening in some areas in Mindanao. Actually the “war” is limited to a small area, a little fraction of the big island that is relatively peaceful and very progressive. The “war” is nothing but the government forces chasing down some bandit groups who are hiding away in some forested mountains.

I am proud to say that I am a native of Mindanao and participated in the summit (you can see me in the clip).


  1. Talaga naman.. yun lang di ko mapapanood ang regional TV ninyo… Iba ang regional TV dito.

    It is good to know na maraming bloggers living sa area ninyo. Here in Baguio a lot of professionals don’t have an idea what a blog is. Walang meet na ganyan kalaki dito, as I’ve said, konti lang talaga ang bloggers na natira dito (moved abroad, or live in Manila). So di aware ang Baguio peeps kung ano talaga ang blogging.

    Parang nakita kita, sa first part. hehehe. Thanks for sharing.

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