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iPad a Disappointment?

iPad a Disappointment?
Is iPad a Disappointment? The iPad was expected to roll out of stores with a price tag of more than $1,000 but many are surprised to see that it can only cost as low as $500. It’s good news to many because it is half the price as expected and many people can afford it at that price range and of course millions of units will be sold if that is the case. But how about iPad’s performance? Well it has a really big screen and a quick processor, but there seems to be something that disappointed a lot of people–iPad’s inability to multitask. In this age of multitasking, gadgets should be capable of doing a billion things at the same time but it seems that the iPad lacks in this area. And to top it all, it seems that iPad does not support Flash! Oh, what a disappointment.


  1. I read past news articles, I'm surprised na maraming nagulat at mura lang. Past predictions say that the iPad costs $500 to a little over $1000.

    Kakatuwa no, wala rin ang multitasking at Flash – pretty basic ones.. tsk tsk. I hope that can be corrected through a simple software updgrade.

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