I Googled for Footwear

I don’t know why, but to family and friends, I am the person to call when there is something that they need to know about– be it a short definition of a term, the name of the director of a good film, how to get a credit card, how to start a blog or change a blog’s template, where to find what, and anything that needs an answer under the sun– they call me because they think I have all the ready answers to all their questions. They do not know that the answer to almost anything is just a google away. That’s my secret. So when an older cousin who is now a fire marshal in a neighboring town called me to ask where to find foot wear for his team of firemen, I was not surprised. I did not tell him that I know nothing about fireman’s footwear and that he is supposed to know where to get it because he is the fireman. I told him that I’d call him back in a few minutes while I googled about fireman’s footwear. I came upon 5.11 Tactical Boots. So after learning about this company, I called back my cousin and told him about how 5.11 Tactical covers Fire and EMS professionals from head to toe. This company offers top quality footwear at affordable prices. I also told my cousin that all of the company’s new boot offerings feature the same Shock Mitigation System that has made 5.11 Tactical Footwear an overnight success. All of Tactical 511 boots are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials so it is guaranteed that anyone can count on these 5.11 products performing up to standards.

My cousin asked me how I know about this things. I did not tell him that i just Googled it, but I gave him the url to 5.11 Tactical and told him to check it out.

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