Here Come the Dungeon Runners


I could not help but associate dungeons and dragons with neo-classical rock. I think of Yngwie Malmsteen and how his music moves like the way the characters in MMORPG’s . But with Dungeon Runners we are in for a new treat. What with hip hop gnomes complete with the gangsta attitude? Dungeon Runners is a Free Fantasy MMORPG where you could explore a 3D fantasy world of dungeons and monsters and exciting battles with incredible weapons. You can choose to be a Fighter, a Mage, or a Ranger. Discover new skills along the way as you journey deep into the mysteries of the dungeon. You can fight as a pack, alone or with a team of online friends. But what gives this game a different twist is the Bling Gnome which is some sort of a helper gnome that follows your character around and pick up all the gold dropped on the groundto makethings easier for your character. The Bling Gnome can even be asked to pick up other items (anything that’s not rainbow-colored or purple) and convert it to gold. This game glued me to the computers for quiet a time, it is addicting.

To celebrate the release of Dungeon Runners NCSoft is giving a “Pimp Your Gnome” contest where anyone can have a shot at a copy of the game and a $350 Best Buy Gift Card. All you need to do if you want to join the contest is to dress your own store bought gnome with materials to bling him out or, if you have the performance artist in you, you can dress yourself up as a bling gnome. Have pictures taken of your pimp daddy bling gnome from at least two side. (Extra points will be added if you post pictures with people admiring the gnome in a public place like a mall Select pictures will make it onto BlingGnome.com.) After this go to dungeonrunners.com and download the free game. Put an entry of about 200 words in your blog about a Bling Gnome and the free game and be sure to include links to BlingGnome.com for others to learn about it.

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