Guide for Purchasing Toys For Preschoolers

When purchasing toys for your preschooler, it is good to take into consideration some facts about children between the ages of 3 and 5. Preschoolers are very active and are into physical activities like running and jumping. Their motor skills are developing, and they may be able to handle and manipulate objects quite skillfully. They learn a lot while they are playing and love experimenting. Preschoolers also love “pretend play” and begin to take good note of the details of the objects they play with. When you consider these things, it becomes easier for you to shop for the most appropriate toys for your preschooler. Here are some guidelines for your toy shopping :

Before buying a toy, consider safety first. Look for the warning label, and read it carefully. Some toys may look harmless but could pose some danger to your child. See to it that there are no sharp edges and points that could hurt your child. Remember that small parts are choking hazards. Toys with cord or string can be dangerous, see to it that the cord is not too long to become a strangulation hazard. See to it also that the toy you buy is non-toxic.

Because preschoolers are physically active, it is good to choose toys that are sturdy and can take some abuse. Toys that are breakable are not appropriate for children during this age.
Because preschoolers love pretend play, it is also good to consider toys that are designed to stimulate their imagination. Toys like miniature carpentry sets, medical kits, and cooking sets are some of the toys you can buy to support your child’s pretend play.

If you plan to buy toys that stimulate your child’s creativity, you can choose Lego sets or art supplies. If your child is artistically inclined, toys that allow him to express his artistic spirit should be considered. Clay and hand paints are good candidates, but be sure to get the non-toxic ones.

Toys are a very important part of your child’s development, so be sure that when shopping for them you get the best ones. Getting the best toys for your child does not mean choosing the most expensive ones. Safety and appropriateness are what you need. Before toy shopping, you also can check toys from online stores so that you will have some idea about prices and what is currently in stock.

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