Facebook Can Cause Depression According to Research

I just stumbled upon this news article which hooked my interest. I have a Facebook account but I don’t think it has ill efects on me. Here’s the news :
A new study performed at Stony Brook University in New York has found that excessive social networking cause symptoms associated with depression in teenage girls. Easy access to text messaging, email and websites such as Facebook makes matters worse

Excessive discussion, or co-rumination, allows teen girls to hold repeated conversations about romantic disappointment which worsen their mood and create negative emotions. Teenage boys have less of a problem due to less time spent on personal issues

Discussion is a good way to handle problems such as romantic disappointment, but it is believed that teen girls do not have the problem-solving skills to deal with troubles constructively. The girls don’t realize that it will make them feel worse.


  1. Hi kuya,

    Good thing i don’t have a Facebook account. And good thing i am a GIRL.

    By the way, thank you so much the valuable information you have shared to me about EON. Thank you so much..

  2. @zplitstonez
    LMAO! LOL!

    Pareho lang kayo ni zplits. Sa teenage girls naman nakita ang depression, hindi sa boys. Besides, you’re twice the age of teenage girls, nyahahaha.

    That’s why this had no ill-effects on you.

  3. Gum, I have a Facebook too, but I don’t get miserable even when I was a teenager about romantic relationships. Kasi when I was a teenager, bata-on gyapon ko. Nagapiko pa ko , high school na. Wa koy paki sa mga boys tung una.

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