Cara Delevingne Shaves Her Head

Can you imagine the beautiful Cara Delevingne completely without her famously glossy locks? Well, she has just shaved her head for a role in the tearjerker film Life In A Year. Delevingne plays the character of a dying woman in the film and it is necessary for her to have her head shaved to really get into the character.

Fans had a glimpse of the drastic transformation of the beautiful model-actress when she arrived on the set for the movie in Toronto. Her shaven head has transformed her into a completely different woman and some fans could not quite digest it even if Delevingne had prepared them for it by sporting a very short, choppy pixie when she appeared last week.

Delevingne is unrecognizable without her hair even if her trademark strong brows have become prominent, and it looks like she’s not yet used to it, she wore a hood to hide her shaven head over the weekend. But when she arrived in the set in Toronto she came out of her vehicle with exposed head and dressed in what looked like a hospital dress, probably they were to shoot a hospital scene that day.

Here are two pictures of her arriving in the Toronto set:

image credit: Splash News

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