Another One of My New Blogs

I have a new blog, I named it Violet Moon. This blog will be the repository of my little and big digital artworks. I like fooling around with graphics software. Among my favorites are Adobe Photoshop, KoolMoves, Anim8or, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I need a space where I could put my little digital creations so I started this blog. I am also encouraging my wife to fiddle away with graphics so you will also see some of her works here every now and then.

I am also into digital music creation so sometimes I may feel like putting some of my music here. I chose the name Violet Moon because it sounds good to me and suggests a journey to another time or another world. For me digital art creation is a journey to a different time and world, a world that can only live in the mind of the artist. I want to share this world with others.


  1. dami nga halos di naman na uupdate. The spirit is willing but the body could not handle it. Para akong nasa party na kukuha ng maraming pagkain tapos di naman kayang ubosin he he he he

  2. I know. Nung buhay pa yung isang blog ko (The Single Parent) hirap din ako. Now I got this one single blog on freelance and technology. Then I opened a new one (PTC) because there are so many people asking for information about PTC – nakuha ko through organic search by Google.

  3. uy, parang gusto kong basahin yung The Single Parent mo na blog, sayang di ko inabotan. Up mo ulit kung magka time ka.

    Timely talaga yung PTC mo na blog, daming mga tao, hindi lang pinoy, ang nagsisimula nang magising sa katotohanang ang internet ay pwedeng pagkaperahan.

    Mabuti pa yung Lady Programmer mo PR3, ako PR0. Tamad ako sa SEO, dami ko books nyan pero ala ako tiyaga na talagang magbasa at mag practice ng nabasa.

  4. Sayang nga yung Single Parent blog. It was an older blog – way back nung Christmas last year. I even bought two domains for it.

    The blog got suspended because I was doing paid posts. Siguro may nagreport. It was hosted in wordpress.com. Bawal ang paid posts doon.

    It should be up soon. Sayang ang mga domains na nabayaran ko.

  5. Ganyan talaga ang WordPress, kaya di ako nagpatuloy nyan, yung una kong blog sa WordPress eh, pinabayaan ko kahit buhay pa hanggang ngayon. Nung nalaman ko kasi na di pwed ang paid posts sa WordPress nawalan ako ng gana so pinabayaan ko at mas binigyan ko ng attention yung sa Blogspot ko.

    I look forward to seeing Single Parent up.

  6. They had not detected the problem kasi. Newbie na newbie ako noon.

    I think someone came along and report it. Or someone at WordPress.com installed automated software to check for codes.

    That one even got a PR4 pa. Then the PTC SEO thing sa blog na yun – it was by accident. I got a significant traffic from Google Search, kaya ang dami nag inquire about the topic.

    I saw a lot of PTC blogs, but I wondered why there are only a few blogs that made it in Google. Hehehe

  7. No.. It was by accident. I never knew a thing about PR. I never appreciated it, until I learned how to monetize it. If you do paid blogging then PR is the most important blog indicator.

    Around that time I get to tinker around SEO a bit. Di ko pa rin kabisado ’til now. Iba-iba rin ang opinion ng mga tao about SEO. It is dynamic with every search engine.

    I’m thinking about getting that blog one up. Para may mairelate ako sa mga mommy bloggers at iba pang mga very personal blogs!

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