Alienware M11X

Alienware M11X

Can you play games on your netbook? When I say games, it is not just those little flash games or games in Facebook because those are not really big games. What I mean are real computer games that you can play only on expensive desktops. Of course you will say that netbooks are meant for light use only, for surfing, emailing, and blogging while you’re on the move. But Dell’s Alienware division is changing that because they are rolling out (in the very very near future, which is just a couple or so months away) the Alienware M11X, a powerful netbook that can handle heavy games like powerful desktops do. To give you an idea of how “powerful” the Alienware M11X is, here are what make it tick:

It has an 11.6″, 1355×768 display
It’s packing a Core2Duo processor
It will feature switchable graphics, running on a low-performance integrated GPU when on the desktop to offer over 6 hours of battery life and switching to a 1GB GeForce 335M GPU when gaming for better performance (and “around 2 hours” of battery life)
It weighs about 4 lbs.
It runs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at over 30fps at highest settings, and scores in the 6,000-7,000 range in 3DMark (Dell didn’t disclose which version of 3DMark nor which settings were used).

You might be wondering how much it would cost. It could be around $1000 and up. Gamers are really excited about this new netbook.

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